Riverwood FootGolf Course

Ready, set, let’s kick-it!  FootGolf, a new nationwide craze has hit Mt. Pleasant.  Designed for people of all ages, Footgolf provides a fun, interactive experience on the course without the tough demanding skill set required for golf. 

In association with The Federation of International FootGolf and the American Foot Golf League, Riverwood Golf Course has opened the first FootGolf Course in town. A simple conversion on the Blue Course will provide the ideal conditions required.  Typically, FootGolf courses prefer limited amounts of water and shorter yardage per hole.  The average yardage per hole is roughly 150 yards with the longest at 267.  Par for the course is based on a 50 yard average per “shot”. 

Following the same proper golf course etiquette, “footgolfers” will use a size 5 soccer ball and play from the standard golf tee to a separate hole, a 21-inch cup, while recording their “strokes” onto their scorecard.

Rate: $6 Per 9 Holes